Monday, September 10, 2012

A Rock

So several years ago we took our two youngest on a camping adventure; I’m guessing 17’ish years ago. It is a funny thing about memories and which parts stick and which parts don’t. This memory is about persistence. And that persistence came in the form of S2 spending the majority of his time trying to get a small rock through the mouth of a two-litter bottle using a sling shot. It might sound easy but it was not. I wish I could help you better envision the process. Time after time he tried. He wouldn’t let it go until he accomplished the task. He was driven by the desire to make it happen. And he did.  I still have the rock that finally made it.  But then you knew I would!  2012-09-09 21.21.15

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Ashley Allred said...

lol! this does not surprise me at all. Justin is such a hard worker and very driven. He's amazing. Also not surprised that you still have the rock. ;)Good mama!