Monday, September 3, 2012


Monday's sure have a way of rolling around fast when I'm hard pressured for a special memory! Seems my mind is always in blog mode until it is time to write. Writer's block or in this case memory block stands in the way. Which I guess is the reason for my endless list making habit. There are so many benefits to the list. First, once it is written you no longer have to remember what it is you need to do. Second, it is so satisfying to cross that thing you need to do off your list. Third, it helps me to be more organized and stay on track. I tend to be a drifter; scratch that I am a drifter. I'm so easily distracted by almost everything and everyone. Today there will be a list. Excuse me while I go work on my list....let's just hope I don't get distracted in the process!

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