Monday, September 24, 2012

High School

High School.  Seems we either loved it or lived through it.  Some wish to forget those years.  But whether you loved it or endured it, you can’t deny the unmistakable journey it was.  Happily when you get to my point in life most memories are of the good variety or at least that is how I roll; out with the bad and save only the good.  And I do have some good memories of high school.  I had some awesome teachers and made some lifetime friends.  I was a cheerleader in my junior year; not because I was popular, I was just loud and they were looking for loud that year.  It was a memorable experience.

Saturday we had the opportunity to attend my high school reunion.  When I told people I was going usually they first asked, “which one? Is this your 20th?”  Then they looked at me again and said, “Oh wait that can’t be you have children in their 30’s!”  All true.  It wasn’t my 20th more like 20 times 2!  You can do the math. 

It is a funny thing being out of high school 40 years.  You don’t feel like it has been 40 years.  You wake up each day and look in the mirror and think you look the same.  It is hard to project how others have changed when you yourself haven’t changed that much … right? Well we have all changed.  In the 70’s long hair was all the rage; boys and girls alike.  And thin was in!  Fast forward 40 years and we find baldness prevails and round is the new thin!  We were a mighty class of nearly 500 but our numbers have diminished; members gone but not forgotten.  Truly it was an evening of remembering the goodness; we laughed a lot and shared our highlights of the last 40.  Interestingly all highlights were about our children and grandchildren.  Of those I spoke to we had the most hands-down; it was my finest moment!

The class of 1972 glad to be a part of you!  Because we were and are today, “Born to be Wild!”

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Amy said...

My 20th is next year... just sayin'.