Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The word is good.  We use it a lot.  Good dog.  Good deal.  Good job.  Good morning.  Good night.   You get the picture on good.  This weekend I learned more good things about good.  It was all about “Seeking the Good!”  Here are some things I learned and questions to ponder:
  • Sometimes good needs a catalyst.  How can I be a catalyst for good?
  • Good doesn’t always reside in my comfort zone.  How can I reach outside of my comfort zone?
  • Good often appears in disguise.  What good might be hidden in this trial? "I like this part about good best; because after all how many times have you wanted one thing so much or so badly only to find that there was a much better "good" waiting for you."
  • Good takes patience.  How can I increase my trust in the Lord?
  • Good is primarily other-centered.  How can I bless someone’s life for good today?
And a few more good things I learned:
  • Goodness is a choice.
  • Goodness is contagious.
  • Look for the good in others and in life (don’t wait for the funeral.)
I did learn some really great things about good.  And one thing for sure doing good is great!

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