Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Clean Hands

So as I continue my quest for learning more about bread making, I’ve learned that the most important tool in the process is one’s hands. In all my days of bread making I never really thought that to be. In fact I always thought it was so annoying that my hands were always covered with sticky dough and I couldn’t wait to get my hands clean and be done with it. Oh I was so lacking in knowledge in that department. I’ve learned that although it is a natural instinct to wash your hands off when they get the least bit sticky I do it no more. So today just stop what you have done in the past there is a new and much better well.  Before you start, set aside a small bowl of flour; we will call it your “hand flour.”
2012-09-03 12.24.48

Now onto creating non-stick hands.  First let your hands get sticky,  it is going to be okay.

2012-09-03 12.25.37
Once there are nice and sticky take some of that “hand flour” and rub your hands together really good.  This process dries the wet dough.  Just rub it off over your garbage can or I just used a paper plate or you could do it over a paper towel. 
 2012-09-03 12.26.21
Just don’t rub it off in the sink; unless you live with a plumber.  Raw dough going down your drain can be very problematic.  Okay, so.  Now that you have removed the sticky dough with your “hand flour” your hands should have a thin, almost non-stick coating on them. 
2012-09-03 12.33.51

As you work with your dough you will notice a lot less sticking to your hands. 

2012-09-03 12.34.15
And a finally note don’t use hot water to wash your hands, or you bowl or any other tool you might use.  Cool water is best.  Hot water makes it more difficult to clean up.  I didn’t know this but I do now and it makes all the difference!!

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