Friday, December 30, 2011

The 2011 List

This is my word list for 2011.  Each day back in January I blogged about these one words.  Wonder how I did with it?  Me too.  Before I go back and look at these January words let's see what I'm thinking about them now.  So here we go:
  • Commitment:  Blogged every day in 2011; I would say that was commitment (the commitment was to work on all these words)
  • Reverence: I've definitely pondered more (I think I did ok)
  • 365: See "Commitment" (to blog everyday....I did it!)
  • Quotes:  Need to improve  (didn't do so good)
  • Train: Took one from SLC to was an experience! (Did it!)
  • Reading:  I did more reading in 2011 (More to read in 2012)
  • Motto:  Not sure (Forgot it, oops!)
  • Move:  I never do enough of that  (need to improve in 2012)
  • Naps:  Didn't take enough (Maybe next year I will find time for a few more)
  • Cookin': Fell in love with my pressure cooker (It absolutely saw some cookin' time)
  • Thank You's:  Improving (can never say thank you enough)
  • Learning: Never stopped (using a pressure cooker was something I learned to do)
  • Laughter:  Always (No problem with this one!)
  • Seed: Ah, not sure where I was going with this (Let go of old habits and step out of my comfort zone and grow into something better...need work)
  • Posture: I'm more conscience of it! (Must continue to stand tall)
  • Memorize:  Improvement needed (Will try harder next year)
  • Intermission: Not a clue (I was reviewing my list….of course I was!)
  • Hard Things: I'm Primary President........(that's hard isn't it?)
  • Time:  Still wish I had more in a day (I know we all have 24 in a day; I just want more)
  • No Offense:  None taken (I feel good about this one, because none will be taken)
  • Timeout:  Didn't take enough (It’s that time problem I have)
  • Elephants:  See "Hard Things" (Believe me it is one bite at a time, there is no other way)
  • Sleep: Doing a lot more in the car......(does that count??)
  • Interruptions and Distractions: I’ll always have them (can’t get away from them)
  • Birthdays:  Remember them (Getting better at it)
  • Focus:  Some days did better than others (That was my word…not sure how focused I stayed)
  • New State:  Didn't make it to one this year but will try again next year! (I really want to do this!)
  • Sewing:  Created Mrs. Claus (That was a good thing)
  • Simplify: Still trying (Need to do more than try!)
  • Camera Ready:  Started good; ended slow, really slow! (Not even in my purse anymore)
  • New Beginnings:  See Sewing!  (New Beginnings wasn't just about sewing; it was about everything)


Kimberly said...

I think you did fabulous!
I love that you had a couple of words that you have no idea "where you were going" with. Makes me smile ;)

Ashley Allred said...

ditto on kimberly's reply. lol. I think you did GREAT!!
I really want to make a 2012 list on things for me to improve on!I guess I better be thinking.