Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lights Camera Action

Gone are the days of attending school Christmas programs; being that our last child has been out of high school now for 10 years.  (That makes me crazy to say that.)  But today we will have the extraordinary opportunity to attend a special one-night only performance of "Annie Jr."  Starring none other than my extraordinarily talented niece as Annie!  Her sidekick, Sandy is played by Birdie!  It will be grand fun.

Here is the write up from the local paper:

'For elementary students, producing a play can be a great learning experience.
For the students at Riverbend Elementary School in Yuba City, performing "Annie Jr." isn't just a learning experience in acting, directing, lighting and staging. It also a chance to learn about the Great Depression.
They will perform "Annie Jr." on Tuesday.
"I let the kids decide on what play to perform," said director Michele Wright. "They had seen a couple of movies about the Depression era, and were really looking at history. They also wanted to do a musical, so 'Annie Jr.' was perfect."
"Annie Jr." is largely the same play as "Annie," albeit shorter and with some of the darker elements of the story toned down for younger performers. But it still includes the classic songs "Tomorrow," "It's the Hard Knock Life" and "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here," among others.
"Annie Jr." is the story of an 11-year-old orphan named Annie, played by Madelynn Heath. The year is 1933 and she lives in an orphanage run by Miss Hannigan.
Annie escapes the orphanage to go searching for her parents, but Lt. Ward, a policeman, catches her and returns her to the orphanage.
As she returns, Grace, assistant to billionaire Oliver Warbucks, is at the orphanage to take one orphan to live with her boss for the Christmas holiday. Because Annie is in Miss Hannigan's office, Grace takes her to live with Warbucks.
When she arrives at his mansion, she and Warbucks hit it off and they begin to search for Annie's real parents.
"Annie is an orphan looking for a better world," Wright said. "(She and Warbucks) find their way together.
"These are seventh- and eighth-graders who are perfoming this play," Wright said. "We have 30 kids, and everyone has a spot in the cast. They're training for lights, sound, the curtain — everything. (The play) is almost entirely student-ran, I'm just there keeping things on track."
Tuesday's performance won't be the only performance — the cast will also stage the play just for their schoolmates during the week.
"These kids are 12 and 13 and are singing and dancing on stage — that's pretty remarkable," Wright said.'


My Review:  The play was fantastic.  Mr. Man and I were both blown away, the kids were great.  And Annie wow!  She made me cry!   What a voice.  And Birdie.........a star is born!!  When she came on stage the whole audience let out an audible......ohhh!  She was the perfect Sandy!

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Mike and Julie said...

What fun! "break a leg"!