Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Toy

There was this one toy I remember getting when I was a child and it was called a Vac-U-Form.  It was this crazy thing that made little plastic toys; well sort of.  You would take a piece of plastic and clamp it into the holder and then heat it over this metal warming plate.  When the plastic got soft, the holder was swung over to the other side, over a mold of the object to be formed.  Then pressing a handle on the side of the little machine a vacuum was created, sucking the plastic down over the mold and shaping it to it.  Then once cool you had a funny little toy.  I don't remember what I created but I do remember the smell of that softened plastic.  I loved that toy.  Well, I saw it the other day in Costco; the place that has everything.  I think it is so funny that it is making a come back; why would anyone beside me want to buy it?!? And I did want so much to buy it. Mr. Man frowned upon said purchase!  So I didn't buy it.  But I wanted to!!

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Amy said...

That's hilarious! I can't believe you didn't get it though.