Thursday, December 1, 2011

31 Days of Christmas

We all know the 12 days of Christmas.  Some may like to forget them; one can only hear that song so many times, right?  
Then there is the advent calendar.  I'm not really sure how many days are actually supposed to be in an advent calendar.  I've read that there are 24 doors on a traditional advent calendar. The doors are number 1 through 24. The first door is opened on the 1st day of December and the final door is opened on Christmas Eve. Simple.  I've read that it varies from year to year. In Western churches, it begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and therefore changes each year. In Eastern churches, it begins in mid-November.  I've also read that there are 50 days!  Really 50, that's a new one on me.  Then there is the thought that there are 17 days between the beginning of advent, December 8th and Christmas proper, December 25th, so there should be 17 windows or slots.  Okay that makes sense.   

I have an advent tree calendar I made two million years ago and it has 25 little ornaments on it.  So 25 is my advent number.  Always bucking tradition, that's me.  No different this year.  So I'm going for 31 Days of Christmas.  Let's make each day count!

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