Friday, December 16, 2011


It was candy that my mother made so lovely each year to share with all those who came her way.  Over the years she perfected the art of candy making. She made it seem so easy. Her boxes of candy looked so professional.  And the tastes were amazing.  Carmel that was so buttery and smooth. Carmel Nougat so chewy but soft at the same time.  She made Turtles, English Toffee and Truffles to name a few.  Her candy making brought us together.  Cracking walnuts although not the most exciting activity, she challenged us to crack it perfectly so she would have a perfect half for her turtles.  When a challenge is involved it is a whole new ball game in our family.  Then there was cutting endless amounts of tiny little plastic wrap squares for her Carmel Nougat.  It was a tricky endeavor but the outcome was always worth it.  I have some of her candy making supplies.  I’ve made some of her candy.  Maybe next year I will try my hand at it again.


Amy said...

Oh how I love the Carmel Nougat! Please make some next year and send it our way!

Brittani said...

she made amazing candy. I miss it!