Monday, May 14, 2012

Mom Memories

I’m not sure if this memory is from Mother’s Day or my Mom’s birthday but it is a Mom memory nonetheless.  She had gone on a little trip to Utah most likely with her sister and her mom.  In her absence I decided I wanted to make something for her.  I wanted to make her a dress.  Why I thought I was capable of such a feat is a mystery to me and how I got my dad to agree to finance this endeavor is an even bigger mystery. I wasn’t much older than 11 or 12 at the time and had very little sewing experience but I was determined to make my mother a dress.  Seriously how hard could it be?  I’d watched her make a million dresses for me. I remember dad dropped me off at the fabric store and with the help of what I’m sure was a very experienced clerk I purchased the needed supplies. My fabric choice was linen; what mother wouldn’t want a linen dress made by her 12 year old-ish daughter?  Well the memory of the experience pretty much fades from here as the dress never really made it past the cutting out stage.  I remember that it was at this point I realized that although I was very determined to make her a dress my lack of sewing experience was more powerful than my determination!  So I decided to make her a cake!  Sadly that didn’t work out too well either.  I did learn though that you have to keep the oven door closed or your cake will fall!  But the greatest lesson in all of this was, it was the thought that counts!!  And that thought still counts today!!!

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