Friday, May 18, 2012

Save Harry

Television.  Who doesn't love it?  I'm sure there are some who love to hate it.  But I love it.  I remember as a child watching shows like The Donna Reed Show, Father's Knows Best, The Flintstones, Bewitched, etc.  I was 4 years old when The Donna Reed Show first aired and 12 years old when it went off the air.  I was devastated.  I couldn't believe it was not going to be on T.V. anymore.  I didn't know they could do that.  In my world I thought it would be on T.V. forever!  It was my first lesson in the world of television where shows come and go. 

Fast forward.  Over the years some great shows have come and gone some way too soon for my liking.   Well, I'm sick of it! There is a show called "Harry's Law" I love this show.  Well, it has been cancelled.  I want it saved.  Help save it by clicking here to sign a petition in an effort to save the show.  Or click here to see other ways to save Harry.  If you have Facebook spread the word to help save Harry.  Wouldn't that be something if we could do it.  I think we can!!  I'm counting on you!!


Kimberly said...

I actually saw that it was set to be cancelled the other day. I wondered how you were doing with it....I'm signing the petition now ;)

Ashley Allred said...

well i don't want to get into it now! bummer. sorry about that happening to one of your favs!