Monday, December 17, 2012

All over the Board

Fair warning this post is all over the board.  There could be a lot of “so’s” so there you have it.  It was the events of Friday that have filled my mind for the most part of the weekend.  My heart can’t stop aching for those families in Connecticut.  We hear it so often that life can change in a moment and I know that and try to live without regret but those events just seem so unimaginable… so tragic.  I wish more people had God in their life.

So Saturday I was doing a bit of baking and candy making.  I made some caramel.  I looked through a box that has some of my mother’s recipes; I was hoping to find her caramel recipe.  It was there on a scrape of paper.  It is strange how her handwriting invokes so many memories for me.  It would be easy to just retype her recipes and I will someday but I still like to look at her handwriting, it makes me feel like she is talking to me; I think she is.  My caramel turned out good although I did have a couple of questions for her, it has been a while since I’ve made candy but she was with me; I felt her presence.  Now I just need to wrap it.  Hope I can do that before we eat it all.  It would be easier just to eat it.

So I found myself at the computer numerous times through out my day Saturday.  I just couldn’t stop reading about Friday’s tragic events.  I was looking for answers.  I have this thing about why.  I always want to know why.  Sadly I know there is no logical why and there will be no answers.

So there is a blog I read from time to time.  And apparently not as often as I thought.  But Sunday morning I thought, I wonder what Barbara’s thoughts are on the events of Friday.  So I went to her blog only to learn she had passed away October 30th.  I couldn’t believe what I was reading; in fact at first my mind didn’t understand what I was reading.  Who died?  I just started bawling.  I know I had looked at her blog just before the election probably days before she died and now to learn this.  My heavy heart just got heavier.

This day I ache for all who mourn.  I ache for the parents and grandparents.  I ache for all who have lost hope and faith.  I ache for those whose life has changed forever.  And I pray for all of the above.


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