Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Real Fall

Although the calendar said the first day of fall was September 22nd, here in California we really don’t see fall until the temperature really drops and the rains come.  And generally in our neck of the woods the big rains don’t appear until January and February.  This year it has been different.  The rain, rain everywhere has started.  Last night we came home to this, along with some minor flooding in the garage:2011-12-01 08.42.48-1

2011-12-01 08.43.28-32011-12-01 08.44.10-42011-12-01 08.43.44-42011-12-01 08.44.01-3

And this little tree was full of bright red, yellow and orange leaves just 5 days ago.  But then the rains came.  Now that is fall!!

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Mike and Julie said...

And fall they did! Sorry you had flooding -no damage, I hope?