Wednesday, December 5, 2012


This time of year there is a definite excitement in the air.  It is full of energy and delight.  Every where you turn there is evidence of the Christmas season.  Each year I try to be a bit more prepared than the last.  This year I started my planning and preparing back in September.  I was excited about my ideas and things I wanted to do.  And so I proceeded with my plan.  The thing is now it is December and the planning and preparing is done; not the wrapping, something has to wait for December right?  But after all is said and done I feel like I have lost some of the excitement.   When I was younger Christmas wasn’t even thought of until after Thanksgiving.  We didn’t decorate until December 10th or was it the 5th.  Either way now I think why go to all that work of decorating only 15 or 20 days before Christmas.  So I’m working on getting the excitement I felt back in September back in my life. Because as my Dad always said, (no matter the time of the year)

“Christmas is Coming!”

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Amy said...

Yeah, I hate to go to all the work for just a few days. Might as well enjoy it.