Monday, December 31, 2012

Tides of Change

Today today is the last day of yet another wonderful year. As I reflect on its goodness I think of things like the miracle of modern medicine. As the year started with Mr. Man having a pace-maker implanted. It made us stop and be reminded yet again about life's fragile moments. I think about gran number fourteen's birth; another wonderful miracle of life.  This was the year I got my childhood dream car; it was so worth the wait. This year was also full of fun family visits! It has not always been easy to have miles separate us; probably harder for me than them but it makes my heart burst every time we visit to receive such a warm excited welcome! I hold on to the idea that if we lived next door or in the same town their excitement to see us wouldn't be as pronounced.

As I've thought of the last 730 plus daily posts I realize that maybe it is time to change things up. For the last two years I've had some sort of monthly or daily theme; this kept me always thinking, thinking about what I would write about next. This worked for then but it is time for a change. I hope I will write most days, but I might not. But this year my thoughts will be directed to the moment I'm living in. No more themes, just stuff, my stuff.  The good.  The real.  The everyday!

So, let the New Year begin. With all its goodness. With all its potential for wonderful growth. I'm excited to ring in the New Year and be part of all that it has to offer for me!

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