Monday, December 10, 2012

Game Changer

It is interesting to me the influences of marriage.  The union of two people, full of love for each other, willing to please the other; well at least in the beginning of the marriage!  These compromises can really be game changers in life.   This memory surrounds not just game changers but team changers.  Last night we were watching football; the Detroit – Green Bay Game.  Growing up Mr. Man was a Green Bay fan.  The poor boy grow up in a state without any professional sports teams.  That was foreign to me.  He was drawn to the Packers because he didn’t like the Cowboys; both the big name teams of the day.  Plus a player on the Green Bay team had played for the University of Idaho.  So it was  natural for him to love Green Bay.  Then marriage came and that changed everything; it was a game team changer for sure!  Today Mr. Man is a proud fan of the Red and Gold of the 49’ers!  And that’s how it happened.

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Amy said...

So that must be why Caleb likes the Packers... it's genetic! ;)