Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Visions of Caramel

I wasn’t kidding the other day when I said I found my mother’s caramel recipe on a scrape of paper!  Here is that paper.  Plus there is a bonus recipe also on the same paper!  Punch and Caramel!


I love her note to herself, “good” caramel candy.  She is right it is good.  And easy!

This caramel is a two part process.  Here is the recipe as I made it on Saturday.  Oh and turn off your cell phone and the TV and put the kids to bed and if the door bell rings don’t answer it.  Caramel wants your full attention, it will not tolerate interruptions. 

2 cups sugar

2 cups karo syrup (white)

Combine the sugar and syrup and cook to 244 degrees. Once everything gets mixed together well and the sugar is dissolved no more stirring is needed.  I know her recipe says 230 but I’m thinking that’s not enough; just sayin’.  I like my caramel a bit more chewy.  There is an excellent caramel tutorial here.

Preheat 1/2 cup of butter and 2 cups of whip cream.  I just put it in the microwave for a couple minutes.  You don’t want it to boil or anything you just want to warm it up.  Once the sugar mixture reaches 244 add the warmed up butter and whip cream.  Stir, stir, stir while adding the cream mixture into the hot sugar mixture.  Then once the two mixtures calm down because they will bubble up like crazy continue stirring until the mixture reaches 244 again.  This will take about 20-25 minutes to get back up to temperature.

Remove from heat and add 2 tsp. vanilla and 2 cups of chopped nuts, if you are feeling like you want nutty caramel; otherwise just pour the goodness into a buttered 13x9 glass pan.

Let cool, then cut into small pieces and wrap in wax paper.  Give it away or you’ll be wearing it on your hips for a good 3 months!

As to the cranberry punch.  I haven’t tried it but it looks tasty.  So if you try it out let me know what you think!

PS Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad where ever you are.


Amy said...

I love her handwriting. I have been thinking about their anniversary too. Hope they enjoy the day.

Mike and Julie said...

What a treasure!